Popular Forms of Tokenism



Ethnic clashes providing back stage passes to acts of genocide and human rights infractions
Our so called benefactors reluctant to take action
As mothers are kidnapped, raped, and enslaved
Their children are left to face conflict, hunger, and AIDS
You would think their American descendants would eradicate this practice
But most are too busy stuffing money under their mattress
Children come into this world seeing exploitation and corruption as the way
It soon becomes pointless to hope for a better day
The odds have been stacked against us for a long time
We sacrificed for our freedom but we still have to scratch and climb
No rhyme or reason to the method of our destruction
The only thing seeming certain is the fact that it’s coming

As more and more people seem to forget about our motherland
Dropping the African to simply be called American
Disparaging thoughts when it comes to our kinfolk
We’ve grown much too comfortable under our master's yoke
Accepted his system to gain favor under his eyes
Been sold on a dream that is filled with so many lies

What happened to freedom and justice for us all?
It’s hard to imagine freedom when you're standing behind a prison wall
But prison is home to tens of thousands of black males
When will we admit that the prison system has failed?
Or is it that the justice system succeeds
By limiting poor people’s chances to achieve

Now critics say poverty, education, and crime
Are the results of black people not towing the line
I say when will you end all the madness that we see?
Correct the brainwashing and colonial mentality
Stop teaching our history from the Imperial point of view
Stop skipping over facts and just teach the truth
Give back the land and the wealth that was stole
Give back our spirit, our religion, our hope, and soul
I am tired of the double talk and broken promise
I am tired of house niggas like Alan Keyes and Clarence Thomas
Token unrighteous non-representative negroes
Propped up and portrayed to be African American Heroes

Hannibal Ad Portas!


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fallen angel said...

hmmmmmm...someone's eyes are on far more than just the "prize" i see...always a plus! :-)