Soldiers in the Garden

Dark clouds hanging over my head like it’s going to rain
I was standing with my head held high before the soldiers came
But now I am reintroduced to solitary confinement because of my solidarity with the resisters
My love for justice, my concern for the state of mind of the African in America
Accused of spreading terror while trying to change conditions that are terrible
This confinement seems unbearable, but I have seen the light
I have glimpsed the future and tasted the fruits of my labor
I was baptized in the blood of beaten bodies,
Immersed in the fire of burning crosses, churches and schools set ablaze by the true nature and hate of my oppressors

And then the soldiers came, to take away my last days
Using words like terrorism and justice when they were producing racism and justification
The last time we crossed paths where was the justice, there was only terror
They waged a war against the “Number 1” threat and didn’t think we would stay together
They didn’t know that some of us would stay until the grave

And so the soldiers came, with handcuffs and hearsay
With DNA tests and bulletproof vest
They want to destroy what I helped nurture through the storm
But this struggle has breathed a life of its own
Others will pick up the blood stained banner long after I am gone
As they toil through mountains of coerced testimony and circumstantial evidence
Trying to find the glass slipper while crafting one to fit
Others will pick up the blood stained banner because they know as I have known
We’ve got to fight or we’ve got to die!

Hannibal Ad Portas!


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