Slavery II: The Sequel

I wrote these lines and spoke these rhymes into existence
This is my life; I put my heart into this resistance
At the insistence of those who came before me
My life will define the next chapter in my ancestral story
It is no longer enough for our hearts to be in the right place
We are in a fight for the very salvation of our race
The road to perdition has been paved by those with good intentions
Right now, we need those who will take action based on good decisions
Look past the divisions put in place by those without our best interest at heart
These are modern day Willie Lynch philosophies established to keep us apart
Those of African descent are being attacked by the same global machine
Blacks from
St. Louis to Sao Paulo are suffering the same things
It is no longer acceptable to tolerate the status quo and let things be
We need people who will break the chains of mental slavery

We don’t need those who buy the diamonds that support the wars that kill our people so they can bling bling
Trading in our land and our wealth for
America’s material dreams
Abandon ship and leave black neighborhoods to be destroyed
Those who moved to the suburbs and depend on other people to stay employed
Then get annoyed when their old neighborhood in its declining state
Produces children who grow up and increase the crime rate
We’ve seen prison cells become overcrowded with black youth
And what is being done to turn the tide?
This is a crisis for the lower class while the middle is being pacified

Our government says that freedom is this country’s primary vision
While all the time continuing to commercialize the prison system
No longer even waste their time with the idea of rehabilitation
Instead create cheap labor from the increasingly dark skinned prison population
This sensation erasing gains made in race relations
Dating all the way back to the original Slave emancipation
Am I the only one who sees this as a negative impact on our progress instead of a negative consequence of our ascension as social and economic equals?
We are experiencing a civil rights crisis founded on indentured servitude
Call it slavery the sequel….

Hannibal Ad Portas!


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fallen angel said...

DAMN!!! maybe you shoulda called this "biggie the sequel" 'cause your ass defintely "kicked in the door, waving the fo-fo!" LOL