Face the Facts

As I look at the current "crisis" in the Arabian Pennisula and I look at the ignored, prolonged (been decades yall), ongoing travesty taking place in the Sudan and other parts of Central Africa where long standing Judeo-Christian Africans being terrorized and oppressed by Islamic Arabs and Afro-Arabs, it makes me wonder how one crisis could require so much action while the other is merely being observed. Coupled with the popular notions being put forth by death penalty supporting, "bring'em on" war mongering, let the poor get poorer while the rich get richer upper class tax cutting, conservative-christians that keep asking me "what would Jesus do?". I do not think he would be on Wall Street waving the stars and stripes screaming "God Bless the USA".

Let me just start out like this…
Jesus was dark skinned.
And if you deny it, it is out of fear
You can not change his skin color based on a hope and a prayer
A man born in Israel with African roots
Was not born in a European birthday suit
He was black. If I am black with my brown skin
Don’t try to diffuse the point by saying he is the color of all men
Because that is still black, and I respectfully decline to accept the proposition
If I step into a church with a white Jesus there is no reason for me to listen
The preacher might as well be telling me the sun revolves around the earth
You can not build a house of truth, if its foundation is not built upon it first
This is not semantics or a simple misunderstanding that’s being made into a big deal
This is simply an institution indoctrinating people to accept something that is not real

Jesus was dark skinned.
This is important because it means if I am a nigger then so is he
It means that Yoshua could have been hanging next to Emmit Till on the cotton tree
And that would be strange fruit indeed
Those with a guilty conscious would suddenly find it hard to obtain the forgiveness they need
It is important because it would give a whole new perspective to the question of what Jesus died for
As we sit and watch the slaughter of thousands of niggers in the Darfur
Thinking Jesus rose from the grave… to bring salvation to Western Civilization while they allow black Christians to be raped, slaughtered and enslaved

Hannibal Ad Portas!


This is not about rascism, William Wallace, John Adams, John Brown, Beowulf all white people I admire but they were paleskinned. Yoshua, Hannibal, Malcom X, Horus all black people that I admire, but they were darkskinned. Face the facts!


fallen angel said...

i love it when you're insightful! yours is a passion that i have always admired. so privileged and proud to count you as one of my riends! :-)

fidel.negro said...

i love it:"Jesus was dark skinned.
This is important because it means if I am a nigger then so is he"

like i said..."Jesus Christ is a Dixie Nigga"

urban butterfly said...

I love this picture of Jesus.