America's Continous Hypocrisy

Much of my problem with this country stems not from the fact that I expect it to be as noble and just as some would lead you to believe it is, but more the failure of its leaders and establishment to sincerely make amends for the aggregious wrongs it has perpetrated among the people that have been subjigated to its jurisdiction. Whether that be African Americans who were read the declaration of independence by their slave owners, suffered through Jim Crow, and are being slowly homogenized by the current divide and control strategy. Or Natives who were told by invaders to their lands to assimilate and surrender or die. Or Inhabitants of all portions of "latin" america who were told accept our exploitation and imposition of our will as dictated by the Woodrow Doctrine or else. Or the Continental Africans who were told you must conform to western democracy unless its results in the elction of Pan-African Socialist, they will be overthrown or assassinated. Much of the problems we face today are due to our misguided foreign policies of the past. Our government has done very little penance so the chickens will continue to come home to roost. I realize and accept the privelege being a citizen and living in this country offer, but I am not willing to accept the continuous blatant hypocrisy being perpertrated by its leaders and establishment without voicing my discontent and countering its effects.

And now......

They said “all men were created equal”
He said “no child will be left behind”
But they considered some slaves and some people
While he left New Orleans children for three days to die
They said that their true intensions were noble
While he said compassionate conservatism deserved a try
They said that God’s book is the plan
He said that God’s will guides his hand

They said that things had changed for the better
While he said we needed to pray and be strong
We said why should change come in a constitutional letter?
We said he really didn’t care about us all along
We said the original declaration should have been the trend setter
We said when has he ever proved us wrong?
We are still in the lower class trying to rise above poverty
They are still in the upper class making rich people more money

Hannibal Ad Portas!



fallen angel said...

i love it when you're politically pasisonate! by the way, where's my damn map? i've been waiting on a big map toof or a minute! "who-walks-well's" ass has one! where's mine?

CousinSarah said...


No one knows how to exploit God like the Devil they say....