This is Crisis!!!

My heart goes out to the descendants of our original people in the birthplace of African civilization being murdered and exterminated. This is the biggest crisis for African People post colonialism and all people do is talk! The solution seems so simple against the backdrop of millions perishing in this genocide. We cannot have any political discussion as a people or as individuals (in my opinion) with out bringing this to the forefront. You want to know how I feel about the Democrats in power in Congress...what can they do about Sudan. You want to ask me about Bush tax cuts.....what do they do for the people in Sudan. There are plenty of crisis in this world and in the country but most pale in comparison when you look at the context. Millions have perished! A luta continua!

Children are dying, Mothers are crying in the streets
We mourn our brothers in the
We long for justice and peace
Who will stand against the crisis?
Corruption and violence from coast to coast
We are the ones who stand aside
While our people are suffering the most
It’s not that we can’t do something about it
But we prefer not to get involved
Forfeit our destiny for apathy
Let others tell us when how ours gets solved
Children are dying Mothers are crying and where are we?
We’ve watched them get knocked down to their knees
Wondering how many must perish
Waiting for foreign diplomacy

Hannibal Ad Portas!


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fallen angel said...

i see your ass had time to upgrade to blogger beta too! i love the way you right boo. wish you would bles sus more often though! i wish that about all three of yall actually! can't wait to see you in a few days! :-)