Comrades & Compañeros

I debate what the meaning of putting this work out in the public is. I began writing this 2 years ago but it was not complete until a week ago. I refused to speak this or propagate this until now. So it is in the spirit of those who came before me and in the name of eternal memory for fallen soldiers that my word is born.

Dust to Dust and ashes to ashes these are the things of our dreams as our life passes
So fast it’s done, gone from all that we are back to where we begun
No circumstantial explanation for the problems that we're facing
No more cover ups and covert operations
Just… the passing of another black man trying to save this world
How many must be crucified?
How many must be ambushed and betrayed?
Before the just cause will not be swayed
Before history is no longer remade in the image of Serapis
No need for over analyzed psycho-analysis
Just… another black man feeling like the weight of the world is on his shoulders
Knowing with the passage of each generation the cycle grows longer
The foolish and overconfident sense of accomplishment grows stronger
Even as the truths becomes clear to see "The war is in your mind" and "Our people still are not free"
But those who fought the fight before us are…. Dust to Dust and Ashes to Ashes

Time passes but things remain the same
I speak of revolution because revolution means change
Change from the choice to merely persist in the status quo
Living with those clinging to a way of life that they don't even know
When all I know is that God is real
That we say what we think but act how we feel
We act in ways we want others to see
We think about things the way we THINK they should be
But reality is only as real as it appears to you and me, and I am not the one to judge

I just know that Dust to Dust and Ashes to Ashes,
Are the final results of all our clashes
All our differences that cause us to fight
As if African people have opposite poles that cannot unite
As if my problems are any greater than the burden you carry
As if our ethnic differences are any thing more than secondary to the fact
That it’s as a race of people that WE are under attack
Look around yourself and you will see the same discrimination fucking with you the way it's fucking with me
The same societal deterioration due to the affects of disease
The same young people dying with guns in their hands
The same children falling through the cracks like grains of sand…

Like… Dust to Dust and Ashes to Ashes

Hannibal Ad Portas!


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fallen angel said...

i see you! why have you been waiting so long to share this sir? damn you and your feverish passion for the people! i tell you, if you weren't already "taken..." ;-)